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After I started collecting coins soon it became obvious that I have to keep the collection records in some place. Putting them on paper was a bad idea because inserting new records is a hell of a work. So the computer file was a natural choice. First it was a simple text file. Then came Internet. And the file was converted to HTML.

I lived with HTML file for a while ... But the collection kept growing, and one day it was decided that I need a database to take care of it. This required knowledge of some database, programming skills and some spare time. Fortunately I happened to be a software engineer. So I took a book on Microsoft Access and shortly found myself sitting almost every evening in front of the monitor drawing buttons and mastering VisualBasic modules.

A very simple variant named CoinCatalog v1.0 was ready very quickly. Then I started to work on a more sofisticated version.

Current status

The latest version is 3.00, it has many new features including database of coin sources, coin images, automatic calculation of dates of national calendar etc. The database already contains more than 2600 coins preloaded.

If you want to try CoinCatalog you are welcome to download it. You will need Access2000 to run it. CoinCatalog is absolutely free, however I will not bear any obligations regarding the use of CoinCatalog software.

The downloadable file is a zip archive containing a database file and an icon file. Open a zip in a separate directory, double click on the mde file and start filling in the catalog. You can use the icon file to create a shortcut to the mde file on your desktop.

Please note that although the program seems to work smoothly it definitely still has some minor BUGS. Please send all of them to me. I promise to handle them as soon as I can.

CoinCatalog v3.00 for Access2000