These people have cheated when trading with me
Please avoid trading whith them - you risk to loose your money and time.

Felix Funes from Argentina
Postal address:
Libertad 1977 -Bo Union
Caleta Olivia (9011)
Santa Cruz

I sent him coins 22 coins on November 24, 2000. He was supposed to send me 22 coins in return. After more than 2 months I did not receive neither the coins nor a single reply to my many messages to him.
According to information published in other lists of bad traders Felix Funes has cheated many times. He seems to be a "professional" coin cheater and is very dangerous.

Bedrija Vilic from Bosnia
Postal address:
Hadzeli 14
71240 Hadzici

I sent him 12 coins on December 29, 2003. He informed me that he sent 10 coins in return, but they never arrived. Bedrija's name is also on the bad list on the web site of Erwin Lauwers, who had the same problem with him. Erwin informed me also that there were other collectors who did not receive coins from Bedrija.

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